By Bill Rah

In the 80s Maya Medvesek listened to electronic pop. “My parents listened to disco, funk, and jazz.” She isn’t the only artist in her family. “My Dad is a musician so music has been a part of my life since day one! His band’s stuff was electro so it certainly had an impact.” She was born in Ljubljana where she spent her childhood.

“I grew up in communism and remember the transition to independent Slovenia and the start of the war.” Maya had a fascinating perspective on the Slovenian War of Independence. “I lived in Switzerland during that time for a while but was lucky enough to return home as our war didn’t last nearl yas long as the horrors in the rest of ex-Yugoslavia.” I

In the early 2000s, she moved to West London before settling down in Glasgow in 2009. “It was a great time with a buzzing and thriving scene and exciting new producers coming up. LuckyMe and Numbers doing big things, infamous parties with really interesting music.”

Maya believes club culture in Glasgow is superior to London. “Some of my most memorable shows are Movement Detroit, Sonar Barcelona and Tokyo, plus every night at La Cheetah and Sub Club of course.” When she was first trying to establish herself Maya was influenced by Jeff Mills, DJ Deeon and Dance Mania.

Today she adores the sounds of Special Request, Jensen Interceptor and Nite Fleit. “I’m always experimenting and exploring new directions but there’s usually a common theme of fun and high energy.” Her productions send a dancefloor into a euphoric frenzy.

For some artists the lockdown has accelerated the production process but not for everyone. “I had
periods of not being able to open Ableton, it almost made me sad as it was a reminder of not being able to see people and share the joy.”

She practised guitar every day. “It brought me so much happiness and it’s the best therapy.” Despite at times struggling with inspiration, she remained active. “Managed to release a couple EPs, a few singles, remixes, charity compilations, lots of streams. I always feel I’m not doing enough but I guess I was quite busy!”

She even played a role in a movie which premiered at the Toronto International Film
Festival. Last September she launched the Love Amazonia charity compilation, raising money for indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest. It received a great response.

“I’m planning Vol.2 and find this so I exciting as a small contribution really makes a big difference.” Nightwave has multiple releases planned for 2021, expect powerful rave tracks. “If last year has taught me anything is to not be too hasty as things can turn on its head in no time. I haven’t decided which record to go ahead with first but it’s all pretty ravey stuff.”

Life has undoubtedly been challenging, she remarked that “it was brutal at times and very challenging but you have two options, sink or swim. Deep down Nightwave is an optimistic soul. Maya believes the solitude allows us to self reflect so we can better ourselves. “I try to stay positive. I do think these hard times are an opportunity for proper transformation and I hope good times are not too far.”

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