By Bill Rah

The Polish born artist GIGEE has previously been supported by Charlotte de Witte and has an upcoming EP out June 5th on Mobilee Records.  

Paulina Gienlniewska grew up in Warsaw. In 2011 after moving to Paris she immersed herself in the cities underground electronic music culture. “Melodic techno is my soul.” Her flare for melodic techno helped her discover herself.  

The underground sound of melodic techno is a major aspect of her artistic identity. “It was something that was growing inside of me day after day.” This made her explore unique sounds and selections. “My love for electronic music started to explode. I was curious at how it all worked. I started to learn how to mix and produce.” 

Melodic techno has been the driving force behind her blossoming career. She represents a new wave of talented female DJ’s relying on techno sounds to showcase their creativity. GIGEE belongs in the same breath as Amelie Lens and Charlotte De-Witte though her production alone.  

Her upcoming track Lullaby on her new EP evokes shakes of Solomon. Her original creation was written during a perilous period in her life. Like most of society GIGEE has experienced challenges throughout her life.  

During her Asia tour she had fallen severely ill. Unfortunately, she had to cancel her remaining tour and was admitted in hospital. Her condition became serious, and she had been diagnosed with Malaria.  

The life-threatening disease weakened her but never broke her spirit. After her solitude in hospital, she discovered her inspiration. “I looked deeper into the track and rewrote it. It is both sadness and happiness.” The emotive opposites contrast and demonstrate conflicting emotions which was the basis for this exquisite track. “I wanted Lullaby to be like a composition.”  

“I was lucky enough to recover and that was a sign to look deeper into what I am doing.” Alone and scared in a hospital on the scenic Ko Pha Ngan Island in South East Thailand she overcame Malaria. The ordeal taught her a valuable lesson. To appreciate what we have.  

She contemplated she was very fortunate growing up and was lucky to have a happy childhood. However, her parents challenged her to be something she wasn’t. “There was always pressure because they wanted me to be someone more.” Paulina had a clear objective. To become an artist and to share her creative talent around the world.  

However, this didn’t align with her parent’s ideology. They wished she committed to economic studies or architecture. GIGEE had other plans. They wanted her to do something serious. “They haven’t treated my music seriously.” Despite their lack of faith, she managed to sway them by demonstrating how impassioned she was about her music career.  

She remarked it was exceedingly difficult for her. However, was finally able to alter their perception. “After a few years, they noticed I’m really devoted. They started to follow my ideas. Now they are really supportive.” 

Although initially her parents didn’t support her aspirations to become an artist. “I’m the only one who had artistic spirit in my family.” They had good intentions as they wanted Paulina to achieve something great with her life. Despite their doubts she has achieved something great. Just not in the way they had expected.  

Her release on the legendary Berlin label Mobilee Records is a remarkable accomplishment. It is a testament to her artistic dedication. It’s not easy getting a release on any label. To be featured on a high caliber label for electronic music’s rising stars proves she has achieved something great. 

GIGEE is part of a wave of elite female techno talents that are explosive and passionate. Her career is on an upward trajectory. Her unique sound of beautiful melodic techno will be a pillar of electronic music culture this decade. 

Pick up Lullaby here

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