Meet Evan Campbell aka KETTAMA. The Irish producer redefining House and Hip-Hop Remixes. His combination of heavy house and hip-hop samples creates a unique sound.

“The music I’m making at the moment is unique.” His dynamic raw production ranges from heavy hip-hop samples infused with hardcore house. The untamed up-tempo music has the capacity to transform any dance floor into a wild barbaric rave. Evan has established himself internationally which is unsurprising thanks to his thrilling sets, fresh creativity and distinct sound. 

“When I was 17, I started getting into music when that lo-fi boom was about.” The producer and DJ experienced a meteoric rise through the electronic music ranks. Evan Campbell is a 22-year-old Galway native with a flair for sharp kicks and piano heavy riffs. He comes from a working-class background and is humble talent. His father works in construction and his family aren’t very musical. “My family was the most non music family of all time.”  

A growing profile has impacted his life but not how most may expect. “It’s not affected me in anyway. Getting booked for shows means not meeting your mates that work during the week. There off on the weekend. That’s when I would normally party with them. I think that’s been the hardest thing.” Due to his success, Evan has reached a point where he now gets recognized in public. “It’s insane can’t really believe it’s mad really, everyone’s so nice. When they say they like your music it’s cool.”  

His rise is phenomenal considering he is only 22.” Once I found out I really liked house I just went digging. Grand Nelson Saved My Life remix. That made me dig into other things.” This discovery created a pathway for KETTAMA to establish himself as a heavyweight of house. His inspirations include Mall Grab and Brame and Hamo. “I want to be up there doing that with them. Mall Grab was my main influence at the time. I never heard anything like that because it was so heavy.” The key is innovation and imitation, replicate effective blueprints and success is on the horizon.  

His ascension can be attributed to his debut EP. “When I released my debut EP Bucklyn Bridge, it got a lot of eyes looking at me. “Bucklyn Bridge” demonstrated his craftsmanship as producer. The creation was a contemporary fusion of hip-hop colliding with house. Evan’s brothers immersed themselves into rap music which influenced him. “My twin brothers were downloading rap tunes on lime wire.”  

Studying just wasn’t for Evan. “I tried to go to college to do quantity surveying twice and I dropped out both times after 6 months”. KETTAMA has carved out a place among the best young DJ’s with powerful production. He is innovative and spontaneous. “I try not to think as much during production. It’s more playing around with songs. Once I find the key thing that I like, just go with it. It’s natural, organic, play around, make mistakes until it sounds good.” 

His aspirations are growing as he plans to start a label. “For sure I’ve been thinking about it, I want to find a really good base idea on what I want to do. I don’t know If I want to start a label for my own music or bring other people on.” The idea is in early development yet one day expect him to release material on his own platform  

As he reminisced about the greatest after party he had ever attended, his answer might come as a surprise to some. “Best after party I’ve ever been to, well they are hard to remember. After Tunnels in Aberdeen, they had this big ass house, it wasn’t the craziest, but they had speakers from a club.” Aberdeen has built a reputation for its afterparties just as KETTAMA has built a reputation for his fierce and energetic sets.

Evan’s Glasgow debut in Buff Club was a personal highlight. “That buff club one, they had a huge sound system. I was on the same level as everyone. People were spilling drinks on me.” Glasgow is a wild city with passionate dancers that love to party.

Reflecting on his Boiler Room set Evan remarked on his emotions. “It was nerve-wracking, it was fun. It was pretty well received. I can’t be any happier than that. It’s a huge platform.” This only catapulted his status and demonstrated that he will be a pillar of House music for the foreseeable future. “There might be a remix with Miz in the future, but nothing set in stone.” 

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